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DI200 OfficeRight® Inserting System

Automated folding and inserting system.

Pitney Bowes - DI200 Inserting SystemThe DI200 OfficeRight® Inserting System is a compact, easy-to-use system that automatically folds, inserts, and seals business and promotional mail at 15 pieces per minute.

The DI200® is ideal for smaller organizations or corporate departments that routinely create and send invoices, checks, newsletters, or direct mail pieces. Promotional inserts or reply envelopes can be added to mailings with just the touch of a button, helping you to grow your business.

  • Self installable - ready to go right out of the box
  • Easy to use - press and go
  • Loads on the fly
  • No operator adjustments
  • Portable
  • Produces more professional-looking mailings
  • Process up to 4000 mail pieces per month
  • Speeds cash flow - invoices that get out faster and bring payments back sooner
  • Reduces labor - 6 times faster than manual preparation



Width: 17.3", Depth: 20.9, Height: 14.4"

Height including second sheet feeder 17.3"
Weight 38 lbs.
Cycle Speed Up to 15 pieces per minute
Monthly Capacity Up to 4,000 pieces per month
Electrical 110 Vac, 60 hz UL approved
Insert/Fold Setting Programmable for fold/insert or fold only modes
Daily Mail Sheet Feeder Up to 3 sheets of 20 lb. paper, stapled sheets, can be hand fed
Envelope Feeder Envelopes can be loaded while machine is running
Fold Capabilities for 8.5" x 11" material "C" fold
Fold Capabilities for 8.5" x 14" material Double-Parallel fold
Insert Feeder Inserts can be loaded while system is running
Sealing Selectable seal or no seal modes
Double Document Detection Yes
Resettable Mail Piece Counter Yes
Paper Stock 20-24 lb. bond only, no glossy stock
Paper Sizes Letter 8.5"x11" or Legal 8.5" x 14"
Inserts Width & Height Width: 5" Min. to 8 7/8" Max.
Height: 3 3/8" Min. to 4 1/2" Max.
Inserts Weight 20 lb. - 53 lb.
Flap Length 1 1/4" Min.; 1 13/16" Max. (Parallel Flap); 2 1/4" Max. (Executive Flap)
Pack Thickness USA/Canada Letter Size Max. of 3 sheets
Legal Size Max. of 2 sheets
Windows Envelopes Destination address must appear on top panel
Envelopes #10 only - #9 for internal Business Reply Mail/Envelope
Note Side Seamed Envelopes are not recommended
Note Self-sealing envelopes cannot be used

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