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Relay™ 8000 Inserting System

Bring the highest level of mail integrity to your business

Pitney Bowes Relay 8000 Inserting SystemBuilt for larger mailers who need fully- integrated inserting, the Relay™ 8000 inserting system can bring significant benefits to your business. Now, you can assemble bills and invoices with speed and accuracy.

Getting it right is crucial when assembling bills and invoices. You need your production mail to run quickly while ensuring every mail piece is accurate. With the Relay 8000 inserting system, you can be confident knowing your mail runs are completed on time and that your customers’ private information is secure.

The Relay 8000 can add the option of file-based processing, an enterprise-level technology that gives you total control of your mail run. With it, you have the ability to treat your printed information as securely as you do your digital data. Plus, with flexible options such as OMR, 1D and 2D scanning, your most important mail will reach the right client. Adding barcodes to your existing documents and preparing your documents for file-based processing is simple with the Relay communications hub. Using your existing print streams, this web-based software allows you to add the security of 2D and 1D barcodes or OMR without the hassle of having to redesign your documents.

With the ability to add high-capacity sheet feeders you can increase productivity for your high-volume mailings and with the new user-interface, setting up jobs is simple. It even lets you insert pages into either flat or letter envelopes in the same mail run, giving you the flexibility to automate all of your mail with unparalleled accuracy.



5,400 per hour

Monthly capacity


Fold options

C,Z, Half, Double, No Fold

Integrity options

OMR, 1D, 2D, File Based

Media sizes

Min: 127mm(W)x135mm(H)
Max: 250mm(W)x356mm(H)

Standard sheet feeder capacity

350 sheets

Inserter feeder capacity

350 inserts

High capacity sheet feeder capacity

2000 sheets

Letter envelope capacity

500 Envelopes

Max number of feeders

8 (4 high capacity sheet feeders + 4 sheet/inserter feeders)

  • Using File Based Processing, your high-value transactional mail is handled precisely to help you meet compliance and regulatory requirements. File Based Processing analytics gives you a full audit trail for information-based and transactional mailings, keeping you -- and your customer’s printed information -- safe.
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Automatic setup for up to 20 stored jobs
  • Process up to 5,400 pieces per hour and up to 200,000 pieces per month for greater productivity
  • Supports a wider range of envelope sizes - includes small envelopes up to C4 flats, thus eliminating the need to complete some jobs by hand, or the need to invest in a second dedicated machine.
  • Excellent system for short runs and reprints in production mail operations
  • Load-on-the-fly capabilities allow the system to pause whilst new materials are loaded.
  • Clear Deck function allows you to clear all the material within the transport area at the touch of a button at the end of each job.
  • All feeders are linked including the envelope feeder to increase efficiency
  • High capacity envelope feeders that can hold an additional 500 envelopes.

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