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Low Volume Office Shipping & Postage Meters

mailstation2 Postage Meter
DM125 Postage Meter
DM225 Postage Meter

Mid Volume Office Shipping & Postage Meters

DM300 Mailing System
DM400 Mailing System
DM475 Mailing System
SendPro P1000
SendPro P1500

High Volume Office Shipping & Postage Meters

SendPro P2000
SendPro P3000

Low Volume Folding / Inserting Systems

Relay 2000

Mid Volume Folding / Inserting Systems

Relay 3000
Relay 4000
Relay 5000

High Volume Folding / Inserting Systems

Relay 6000
Relay 7000
Relay 8000



SendPro™ Web App

Simplify Shipping and Save.

Pitney Bowes - SendProIntroducing SendPro, the online shipping solution that simplifies the way your office sends through USPS®, FedEx® and UPS®. By integrating cloud-based software with a professional-quality label printer and digital scale, it’s easy to weigh, compare shipping options, track shipments and manage all three carriers.

Streamline the way you send

Ship from one place.
SendPro consolidates information for USPS, FedEx and UPS in one site, to standardize and simplify shipping. With one address book, all your contacts can be easily uploaded and used for every carrier. That means you won’t need to reenter addresses for each recipient.

Weigh packages and print shipping labels with ease.
With our integrated scale and printer, anyone can send packages right from their PC. Accurately weigh packages with the scale and print professional looking shipping labels right from the integrated label printer.

Access your existing account information.
SendPro works with different carrier accounts, including USPS, FedEx and UPS, so that you can still gain access to your negotiated rates.

Track every item online and send real time updates.
Check the status of all your shipments along their routes for all of the three carriers. With the email notification feature, you can keep both senders and recipients informed by emailing them the tracking numbers of their shipments.

Access SendPro from any laptop or smart device.
Users can keep track of shipments, whether they’re in the office or working remotely. With the SendPro application available for download on your Windows device, you can ship even if you’re away from your desk.

Control Shipping Expenses

Determine the right carrier for your sending needs.
Choose from your own contract terms or retail rates with UPS® and FedEx®. With SendPro™, access the lowest USPS rates for Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express.

Consolidate all of your shipping costs in one report.
SendPro makes it easy to reconcile your shipping expenses. Now, you can see all of your shipments, for all three carriers, in a single report. There’s no time-consuming record keeping because information is collected for you. Since SendPro lets you export files, you can easily upload shipping information into common accounting software in order to streamline your invoicing.

Designate staff and set user permissions.
As your business grows, more people are likely involved with shipping processes. It’s also possible that they ship from more than one location. With SendPro, you decide who can use the system. This assures greater control and accountably over expenditures. You’ll always have an overview of activity and expenses, plus the ability to generate detailed reports by user, client and department.

Scale usage to meet your business needs.
Whenever you need more people to use the solution, you can add them at any time, along with designated sending permissions.


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