SendPro® MailCenter

The SendPro MailCenter is an advanced, all-in-one mailing and shipping solution that offers a modern user experience, making sending easier and streamlined. With fast automatic-feeding, you can quickly process high volumes of mail and easily ship and track packages all from one reliable system. The SendPro MailCenter helps improve productivity and bring new levels of efficiency to your organization. 

Take control of your mailing and shipping with metered mail

Mail, ship, track and receive with our fastest, highest capacity office mail system

Reduce costs and simplify mailing, shipping and receiving workflows with an automatic office mail system designed for high-volume mailing and shipping.

SendPro MailCenter 1000 Mailing & Shipping System

The SendPro MailCenter 1000 simplifies your sending
processes by integrating mailing and shipping into a single
system. The MailCenter 1000 provides a modern user
experience making sending anything easier and more

For letter mail, the MailCenter 1000 will seal and print
postage at up to 180 letters per minute. It handles thin
or thick mail at up to 5 ⁄8 of an inch thick.

SendPro® MailCenter 2000 Mailing & Shipping System

For letter mail, the MailCenter 2000 will seal and print
postage at up to 180 letters per minute and can handle
mail at up to 5 ⁄8 of an inch thick.
Sorting mixed sized mail is no longer necessary with the
Weigh-on-the-Way® feature. The MailCenter 2000 increases
productivity by weighing each piece of mail and applying
the correct postage as it travels through the machine at
up to 115 letters per minute.

SendPro® MailCenter 3000

MailCenter 3000 will seal and print
postage for mail up to ¾” thick for both portrait and
landscape envelopes at up to 310 letters per minute.
The SendPro MailCenter eliminates the need to sort mixed
size mail with the Weigh-on-the-Way™ feature. Mail is
automatically weighed as it moves through the system,
accurately placing the correct postage at up to 205 letters
per minute so, you are always paying the right amount.


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