SendPro® P-Series

The P-Series sending solutions are designed to quickly mail, ship, track and receive USPS®, UPS® and FedEx® letters and packages within one powerful system. Process a variety of mail sizes and weights at speeds up to 310 letters per minute all while saving on postage.

Take control of your mailing and shipping with metered mail

Mail, ship, track and receive with our fastest, highest capacity office mail system

Reduce costs and simplify mailing, shipping and receiving workflows with an automatic office mail system designed for high-volume mailing and shipping.

SendPro® P1000 Mailing & Shipping System

Mail, ship, track, receive all in one place. The SendPro P1000 mailing and shipping system simplifies processes by integrating mailing, shipping and receiving into a single system. With these versatile integrations, the P1000 Series provides a simpler, more streamlined way to send letter mail as well as ship packages using your USPS®, FedEx® and UPS® business accounts. Seal and print postage at up to 160 letters per minute. With the receiving application, you can accurately log all of your incoming packages’ information so that you have a history of every package that has been delivered to your office. With sending costs rising and becoming more complex, the SendPro P1000 can also quickly improve productivity and cost-efficiency in your office.

SendPro® P2000 Mailing & Shipping System

The SendPro Series offers the unique ability to print specialized messages or advertisements on the top of your mail piece, all while it’s being metered. The SendPro P2000 comes with Weigh-on-the Way (WoW), weighing and rating your mailings as their processed, offers higher feeding speeds, envelope printing at no charge, and has an optional power-stacker add-on.

SendPro® P3000

Process batches of letters, postcards, and large envelopes quickly and easily with our auto-feeding sending solution. Reverse separation technology minimizes jamming and automatically feeds mail at 165 letters per minute. Automatically save 4¢ on every First Class® letter* — plus get optional access to discounted presort rates. Print shipping labels directly from the device with an optional label printer and receive Priority Mail discounts.


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