Relay® mid-to-high volume inserting systems

The simple way to increase productivity and accuracy.

The Relay mid to high volume folder inserters with file control are designed for mid to large mailers to bring you increased accuracy and security while increasing the speed of your mailing process. With models capable of handling up to 5,400 envelopes per hour, you can be sure your bills, statements and other personalized mail will be assembled quickly.

File control is the proven Pitney Bowes® technology version of file-based processing that goes beyond traditional OMR or 1D and 2D barcodes scanning by using a Reference File to control the folding and inserting process, so you can track not only what pages are being folded and inserted, but also which specific pages are intended for each individual customer.

Your physical communications should be treated with the same scrutiny you afford your digital data.

Mitigate risk

Managing compliance is becoming more complex with new regulations and increasing concerns around protecting consumer data. With file control, you can track and confirm every customer’s document as it’s completed and to recreate a mailing event to prove it.

Improve Production

Using file control, you are guided through job setup and material loading, and in the event of errors, can easily reprint damaged documents. You can see exactly which pages are finished, in process, and even which pages are coming. Production doesn’t slow down to verify your mail is assembled correctly.

Increase Efficiency

The ability to work with multiple flat and letter-sized envelopes means you can automate even more of your mailings across departments. No manual change-over and a straight paper path help ensure you mail process has minimum interruptions.

Protect Cash Flow

Consumers are highly unlikely to do business with any company that does not protect their privacy. Relay inserters with file control help ensure the contents of your customers’ mail are accurate. It also helps you finish your mail faster, so you can send it to your customers faster. Spend less time stuffing envelopes and get back to what’s really important with the reliable and simple-to-use Relay folder inserters.

Relay 5000 & 6000

Ideal for mid-volume mailers, the Relay 5000 inserter uses the same reliable design of our flagship table-top inserter. Insert, fold and seal up to 4,000 envelopes per hour using a simple, straight paper path. The Relay 5000 gives you all this in a small footprint, so the basic system can fiton a standard 60″ table.

The Relay 6000 inserting system is capable of assembling up to 4,300 pieces per hour. You get enhanced speed and accuracy for your various mailing jobs.

Relay 7000 & 8000

The Relay 7000 comes standard with a high-capacity envelope feeder which translates to 25% increased hourly throughput versus the Relay 6000. The inserting system can also process letter and flat envelopes in the same job. It can assemble up to 5,400 envelopes per hour, keeping you productive while delivering world-class accuracy and privacy for your mail.

For higher volume mailers, the Relay 8000 enhanced chassis gives you up to 67% more monthly throughput than the Relay 7000- up to 200,000 completed mail pieces per month. This inserting system can process letter and flat mail with speeds up to 5,400 letter envelopes per hour. You get peace of mind knowing your mail is completed accurately on a reliable system.


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